Android APP

Utilizing gamification , students master English vocabulary from 3rd Grade through Graduate School. Language learners have access to thirty four translations. Professionals and trivia enthusiast can easily insert their own repository of terminology.

APPs now available in
Google Play Store

  • Published 34 language specific APPs
  • Available in 140 countries
  • Addresses languages of 4.3 billion people

Simple APP can create
sustainable gains:

  • No Internet connection or expensive mobile data plan required
  • Runs on current and older Android devices
  • Open platform
  • Custom repository distribution to current users
  • Gamification to make learning fun

Android APP

The personal learning environment of VocaBiTclassroom, is a twist on committing designated Prompts and related Responses to memory. Using both an academic and social media platform, VocaBiTclassroom offers brain fitness exercises that reinforce knowledge/recall of vocabulary linked to the specific prompts. This APP stimulates recall of literacy skills. It also offers an opportunity to focus on mental retention through structured questioning.

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