Mission is to:

Empower Under Performing English speakers &English Language Learners (ELL) in the mastery of the English language through the reinforcement of vocabulary.
  • Humans communicate using 6,000 languages
  • In English,there are 171,00 vocabulary words to express oneself.

VocaBit addresses the
following two problems:

1. In the U.S.A

  • Over 60% of 4th, 8th & 12th graders read below proficient levels
  • High school dropout rate is over 20%
      *Poor language proficiency leads to higher dropout rates
  • For example, 65% for English Language Learners (ELLs) in N.Y.C.
  • Adults: 32M(14% of US pop.) cannot READ
      *Many of these students live in the homes of adults who cannot read

What brought the developer to VocaBiT:

In 2000 the developer took early retirement from Chevron to pursue a dream job as a teacher in one of Oakland (CA) Unified School District’s most challenging high schools.

After 6 months on the job at one of the local high schools, the developer accepted the role as that school’sreform coordinator.

Teachers, students, parents and a consultant met in his home to design 3 autonomous high schools

The team presented the plan to Melinda Gates and Bill Gate’s father at the school site. Oakland USD received several million dollars to complete the conversion of that particular high school and 4 others.

The Bottom Line is that the implementation was successful, but the student skill level was such that statistical change was not rapid though there was positive movement.

Solution defined:

The developer concluded that students require extensive interactive support outside the classroom and that an APP with the following attributes would lead to sustainable gains in enhancing their vocabulary skills.

  • After the initial install, no services required
  • Offers support for 5,000 basic English vocabulary words
  • Offers 34 primary language translations
  • Enables user terminology data distribution. The user of VocaBiT is able to load/distribute to other users custom sets of terminology
  • Uses a gamification platform

The competitive analysis found no existing APPs that met the above criteria.

As a doctoral student, the developer took 3 years to build a totally self-contained, vocabulary training open platform that addresses academic vocabulary and career terminologies for the professional user. He had determined that for underperforming students the mastery of reading is daunting, if not impossible, without real time access to supplemental services. VocaBiT APPs challenge and stimulate students outside the classroom

Founder/Developer’s background:

  • Oldest of 10 children (Low Income)
  • IT Executive Chevron/Texaco Corporation (retired)
  • Teacher
  • Small Schools Reform Coordinator
  • High School Principal
  • Education Doctoral student
  • Adult Education Principal
  • Credentialed English as a Second Language Educator
  • Education APP Developer
  • Veteran: Army Security Agency

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