How to create Prompts and Responses?

In addition to VocaBiTclassroom's  self-contained repository of vocabulary, you are able to add information files of your own creation. Creating a list of Prompts and related Responses is not difficult.  The easiest way to perform this task is to utilize the Microsoft application 'Excel'.  You can also create these files by using any text editor, but you must separate each Prompt and Response with a single TAB.

Step 1.  The following is a list of example ‘Prompts’ and ‘Responses’ that you will create and email as an attachment to yourself. You will then sign-on to your email account, using your android tablet or phone. The last step is to  open the email and save the attachment. Important: the list cannot be greater than 300 rows. If you require more rows, break the list into separate clusters/files of 300 rows.

Note: Double-click the following images to enlarge.

Step 2. Save your list of Prompts and Responses.

The files must be saved with a name that begins with 'Vocabit' and a 'Save as Type:’  of 'Text'.