About Us

About Us:

VoCaBiTclassroom APP came to be after my observations as an engineer, business professional, educator and consultant, noticing people being challenged by vocabulary memory re-call and application. Listed are some of the issues VoCaBiTclassroom addresses -  examples: elementary and secondary school students wrestling with vocabulary and literacy skill-building; college students needing to stay aligned with vocabulary as related to course content: teachers and instructors wanting to challenge and stimulate students beyond classroom walls: professionals wishing to stay current/upgrade terminology in their particular fields of endeavor. The above listed can benefit from reinforcement on how to draw out vocabulary/terminology imbedded in the ‚€ėbig picture‚€™.  Also, senior citizens can hone personalized brain fitness opportunities. VoCaBiTclassroom has the functionality that can facilitate a successful approach to address each category mentioned above and more.